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How the APNIC Labs Measurement System handles your data.

  • 1 Personally Identifiable Information
  • 2 Information Logged
  • 3 Information Processing
  • 4 Browser Cookies
  • 5 Opt Out

  • All activity undertaken by APNIC is covered by the APNIC Privacy Statement.

    APNIC uses online advertisements to measure aspects of the Internet's infrastructure and support for new technologies, such as the deployment of IPv6 or the support of DNSSEC. This section describes the information gathering and dissemination practices for measurement advertisements placed by APNIC.

    1 Personally Identifiable Information

    APNIC does not collect personally identifiable information in advertisements placed by APNIC. Information such as your name, address, email address, telephone, and other private data is considered personally identifiable information. This information is not collected by these advertisements.

    2 Information Logged

    Non-personally identifiable information is automatically recorded in our databases when you are measured by our systems. Your IP address, date, time, language, and technical data about your browser and operating system (via user-agent string in HTML requests) are considered non-personally identifiable information, and is logged by APNIC. APNIC does not share this logged information with any third-parties.

    3 Information Processing

    APNIC takes the IP address, the date, and the capabilities demonstrated by the impression of the advertisement to produce daily aggregated data sets of capabilities, both as totals for the Internet, and aggregate totals by country and by originating Autonomous System (network). APNIC does not publish any individual IP addresses in these reports, nor dies it publish any individual HTML log information.

    4 Browser Cookies

    APNIC uses a browser cookie, (a data file stored within your browser), to record your preference not to be measured. Additional browser cookies may be used to limit measurements to not be repeated inside 30 days. APNIC's browser cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information. No other browsers cookies are used.

    5 Opt Out

    To disable being measured in this manner by APNIC on your computer, you can turn on the Do-Not-Track feature in your browser. Alternatively, you can specifically opt out of being measured by APNIC Ads, by installing a "APNIC: do not measure me" cookie which is honoured by APNIC Ad measurements before any measurement tests are run. To opt-out in this way, please visit http://dmm.labs.apnic.net/ with your browser.