Getting multi-economy ASN IPv6 stats right

The web has just grown a new feature: it can now account for the ASN contribution to an economies visible IPv6, when the ASN is not ‘resident’ in that economy. For most graphs, this doesn’t change much. But for some economies, its exposing the contribution of some significant ASN to the uptake of IPv6 in different places.

Although in the main, most end-user oriented ASN target a specific economy, there has always been a few enterprises which span multiple countries. A good example is “Liberty Global” which is using ASN 6830 across eleven different states in Europe. This is one of a few hundred ASN which are visible in BGP from lots of places, with a large amount of end user traffic. (There are approximately two thousand ASN which route one or more IP ranges vested in different economies, but most of these are using resources sourced out of region but with low end user impact, and don’t really create high volume usage in our measurement systems. Only a smallish set of ASN appear to have high traffic, and also span multiple economies with one ASN)

Interestingly, not all of these locations are using dual-stacked technology: Liberty Global appears to run different routing policy in different places, and hasn’t deployed IPv6 across its entire infrastructure. Consider the Czech Republic:

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.42.04 PM

Contrasted with Germany:

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.41.31 PM

Furthermore, the ASN its using is officially registered in Austria, and for some purposes, thats what we have been using as the listing economy, to talk about IPv6 statistics when we see this ASN. So for quite a while, a lot of ASN related data about IPv6 ascribed the Liberty Global contribution solely to Austria.

But thats now been fixed. We now understand the relationship between the origin-AS of a prefix, and the economy the prefix is being used in a little better, and have adjusted the SQL schema and data processing accordingly. So now, when you visit the website and look at a given location, for instance Ireland, you can see the contribution Liberty Global is making to IPv6 routing in that economy: its pretty big! AS6830 accounts for around a third of the IPv6 capable end users. shows the ASN list, and you can sort by sample count to see the contribution Liberty Global makes.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.42.30 PM

Or, you can see where AS6830 is visible with IPv6, as a list of target economies to explore. Here’s the URL of the view in Ireland, and the list of economies AS6830 is visible in.

Top ASN by sample count for Ireland, showing Liberty Global as the lead enabler of end user IPv6 in Ireland by volume.

Graph of AS6830 IPv6 capability showing the list of European economies its active in.

The code logic was designed by Geoff for the DNSSEC visualisations, and has been cross ported to the IPv6 data. So now, both datasets are using the same underlying model of where IP addresses and ASN locate, and how we cross-correlate the IP ranges and Origin-AS. More consistent!