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World IPv6 Adoption

As a continuing activity following on from the World IPv6 Launch we report on the levels of IPv6 deployment measured by client end-to-end capability. This is reported by economy, AS, and by regional and organizational breakdowns. These can be found at labs.apnic.net/ipv6-measurement.

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Blabs @ Labs

Other activites at APNIC Labs:

Blabs at Labs

What are we up to? What are we finding intersting at the moment? What's on our mind? Follow our musings at blabs.apnic.net
Our presentations are held in the Labs Presentation Store.

IPv6 Capability Tracker

If you are interested in measuring your clients' IPv6 capabilities, you can use the APNIC Labs Google Analytics Tracking Code.

Measuring IPv6

The measurement activity, and the way in which we undertake these measurements is described at labs.apnic.net/measureipv6/.

IPv6 preference by ASN

We're now collating IPv6 client capability by Autonomous System (AS) Number.

Graphs and data for the highest ranking AS are being tabulated weekly under the labs.apnic.net/ipv6-measurement URL.

IPv4 Address Report

We've revised the IPv4 Address Report and updated the statistical model to provide further insight into the confidence level of the predictions of IPv4 free pool address exhaustion for those RIRs with remaining IPv4 addresses in their general use free pool.

The revised report is: labs.apnic.net/ipv4/report.html.

IP Number Distributions

This set of reports measures the distribution of IP number resources (IPv4, IPv6 and AS Numbers) on a per-economy basis. The reports measure the allocated, advertised and unadvertised number pools for each economy and also show breakdowns per capita, per $ of GDP and per Internet user. This section also includes a report of IPv6 measured users per economy: labs.apnic.net/dists.