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IPv6 Capability Tracker

If you are interested in testing your clients' IPv6 capabilities, you can use the APNIC Labs Google Analytics Tracking Code.

Test your customers' experiences connecting to your website via IPv4, IPv6, and dual-stack.

Track your IPv6 capability in 3 easy steps

  1. Create an account with Google Analytics
  2. Integrate the APNIC Labs tracking code, with your unique ID
  3. Analyse the reports

Why use the tracker?

The tracker allows you to monitor your visitor traffic to assess the affect IPv6 deployment would have on your website. The reporting structure shows statistics on the experience your Web content users would have if connecting via IPv4, IPv6, or dual stack network.

Aggregate results

The tracking code sends data to APNIC so that aggregated statistics on the affects of IPv6 deployment can be made public.

APNIC hopes that making this information accessible will assist the Asia Pacific Internet community to make informed decisions on IPv6 planning and deployment.

PLEASE NOTE: APNIC respects your privacy. We will not publish any information that identifies you, or your clients.

Check out the reports collected already.

This is a collaborative activity with RIPE Labs.

Learn more about APNIC's IPv6 Program.